1. cd
wget -O openfire-4.2.2-1.x86_64.rpm

2. sudo yum install openfire-4.2.2-1.x86_64.rpm -y Note: Openfire will be installed in the /opt/openfire directory.

3. sudo systemctl start openfire.service sudo systemctl enable openfire.service

4. Create atabase for openfire

5. sudo firewall-cmd —zone=public —permanent —add-port=9090/tcp

6. Point your browser to http://YOUR-HOST:9090 to start the setup process

7. On the “Welcome to Setup” page, click the “Continue” button

8. On the “Server Settings” page, input the XMPP domain name and the server host name (FQDN), leaving other fields untouched, and click the “Continue” button

9. On the “Database Settings” page, choose the “Standard Database Connection” option , then click the “Continue” button

10. On the “Database Settings – Standard Connection” page, input settings as follows, leaving other options untouched, and then click the “Continue” button.

Database Driver Presets: MySQL
JDBC Driver Class: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
Database URL: jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/openfire?rewriteBatchedStatements=true
Username: openfireuser
Password: yourpassword

11. On the “Profile Settings” page, choose the “Default” option, and then click the “Continue” button

12. On the “Administrator Account” page, input the admin email address and a new password twice, and then click the “Continue” button.

13. On the “Setup Complete!” page, click the “Login to the admin console” button to finish the setup and jump to the “Openfire Administration Console” login page. You should use the username admin and the new password you setup earlier to log in.

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Default password for phpMyadmin
- User: root
- View password: root phpmyadmin password is on /var/webuzo/my.conf
- Step 1. Login SSH
- Step 2. Type: nano /var/webuzo/my.conf
- Password can be viewed here

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A. Change port SSH with putty
1. login SSH with putty (input ip an port standar 22)
2. login to server
3. Then, type: nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config
4. Search (ctrl+w) #Port 22
5. Uncomment or delete #
6. Change 22 with other port. example: 5443
7. Save (ctrl+x)
8. Restart ssh service with command: service sshd restart
9. Done

B. Change port SSH with panel webuzo
1. Login webuzo=> http://your-ip:2002
2. Enter menu security, select SSH Access
3. Enable/checklist for enable ssh
4. Change port
5. Save setting

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